Turn your Glitterly template into a shareable form

With Glitterly you can turn your image and video designs into templates that can be shared as tiny form websites. From this website the people you share it with will be able to quickly create different image and video variations of your design.

This will make it easy to reuse designs, and to personalize your content with e.g. different images, languages, prices and text.

step 1: make a template in the editor

To create your own template start with a blank template and select video. In the editor you are the designer - and you can add images / GIFs / texts / videos.

The editor consists of layers - each image/text/video layer can be edited by people you share your template with later. Remember to give your layers meaningful names if you plan to share your template! (if you don’t want a layer to be changable simply keep it empty)

A template with layers

Step 2: Turn it into a shareable website

When your design is done - hit the export button. From this form here you’ll be able to create videos. You can see the layers that you added in step 1 - update these layers and preview the video to see your new changes.

This form can be shared as a mini website to your team members / pals / club members to allow them to quickly generate videos from the template that you just created.

Videos and images created from this template will be deducted from your monthly quota. Learn more about our pricing here.

Check out template for this post here.