Design a Mobile Device Mockup Grid in One Minute

The process of designing a mobile device grid mockup can be tedious and time-consuming - especially if you have no photoshop experience like me. The new free Glitterly grid mockup generator is the perfect solution for those who need to make a grid mockup of your app quickly without any design skills or technical knowledge.

With this generator, you just upload your images, or copy paste the link (e.g. from Google Images), and click create image.

Try it out:

iPhone 12 grid mockup design
Mobile device mockup
Mockup template

How to customize the template

The grid is a iPhone 12 mockup grid. If you want to customize the design further (e.g. change device type, add your own brand logo, your own background colors or text) - signup for a new account - select the grid template and make it your own.

If you want you can share your own grid design as a small design generating website too! Learn more about how to do this here.

Useful links

If you are looking for beautiful app screenshots of the most famous apps such as e.g. the Netflix mobile app check out Screenlane - they have a wide selection of inspiring app screenshots (and videos).