#ZAPIERGenerate images from Tweets with Glitterly and Zapier19 April 2021

What can you do with Zapier and Glitterly?

With Zapier you get automation superpowers. You can connect over 2,000+ apps with each other. This means that the world is your oyster.

You can generate customised images with data / text / images from Twitch, Google sheets, Shopify, tweets etc. And then post that image to Instagram, Slack, add it to your next Mailchimp email campaign, or add it to your Buffer queue.

This tutorial

We’ll use Zapier and Glitterly to create a customised image every time Elon Musk posts a new tweet. (You could also create images of your own tweets or of tweets that you like).

What we'll create:

Zapier tweet to image
Elon Musk tweet image

1. Select a Glitterly template

Select the Tweet template from the Glitterly dashboard. If you want, you can create a new blank template or click Edit template to edit to customise this template in the editor.

In Glitterly, the text / images / items on the template are dynamic and can be changed with data from e.g. Zapier.

Select Glitterly starter template

2. Connect Twitter with Glitterly

Let’s connect Twitter with Glitterly in a new Zap. Go to Zapier and click "Create Zap" and choose Twitter as the Zap trigger. From Twitter, select "User Tweet" as the Trigger event.

Every time a user Tweets this Zap will happen.

Trigger zapier on new tweet

Type in the Twitter username, which is elonmusk for this tutorial.

Trigger zapier on new tweet

Add Glitterly as the next action step in the Zap, and select "Create Image" as the action.

Create image Zap
Create image Zap

3. Select your Glitterly template

Here you’ll see a list with all your templates in Glitterly. The template we want is the Tweet template we selected in step 1 - select it from this dropdown menu.

Choose Glitterly template

The Tweet template has 4 layers that we’ll change with the data we get from Elon Musks new tweets:

  • Profile Image
  • Username
  • Handle
  • Tweet Or Quote
Choose Glitterly template

4. Create your first image

First we can test that the our Zap is working as expected. Click test and review and Glitterly will create an image.

Choose Glitterly template

From here you can see the url image you created. Copy it and paste this url in a new browser tab to see your image.

Choose Glitterly template

Tada, our image result:

Choose Glitterly template

And we're done!

Awesome! Now you can turn on your zap and every time Elon Musk Tweets an image will be created - feel free to add an additional step to post the image of Elon Musks tweet to Instagram, Slack, or Telegram.

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